Beverage Menu

House Coffee

Drip Coffee$2.40$2.80$3.20
Cold Brew Coffee$2.40$2.80$3.20
Café au Lait$2.80$3.20$3.60

Espresso Classics

Caffè Latte$4.60
Caffè Breve$5.25
Caffè Mocha$5.50

Espresso drink sizes based on double shot.

Coffee Options

House-Made Flavoring Syrups $0.75
Vanilla Bean • Salted Caramel
Rose Juniper • Orange Cardamom

Standard Flavoring Syrups $0.75
Hazelnut • Butterscotch • Peppermint
Toasted Marshmallow • Sugar Free Vanilla

Milk Alternatives $1
Oat Milk
Almond Milk
Half & Half

Extras $1
Extra Shot of Espresso
Flavored Cold Foam

Seasonal Specialties

Beet root, espresso, and milk infused with rose petals and juniper berry. Served hot or iced.

Espresso Tonic $4
Double espresso with sparkling citrus tonic. Served chilled.

Sunrise Chai $5
Black tea, chai spices, orange peel, and cardamom.

Espresso Affogato $5.50
Yaggy Road 310 Espresso brewed over vanilla bean gelato.

Matcha Affogato $6
Ceremonial grade organic matcha served over vanilla bean gelato.

House Hot Chocolate $4.75
Made from Callebaut dark chocolate.

Spiced Hot Chocolate $5.50
Callebaut dark chocolate, black tea, and chai spices. Choice of cinnamon or chili.

Sparkling Beverages

Italian Soda$3$3.50$4
Orange Cardamom • Rose Juniper • Hazelnut
Sparkling Lemonade$3.50$4$4.50
Classic • Orange Cardamom • Rose Juniper
Italian Cream Soda$4$4.50$5
Vanilla • Hazelnut • Orange Cardamom • Rose Juniper
Sparkling Arnold Palmer$4$4.50$5

Loose Leaf Teas

Traditional $3.50
Organic Doke Black • Organic Earl Grey
Organic Traditional Masala Chai • Maple Chai

Specialty $4.50
Organic Imperial • Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Ali Shan Mountain Oolong

Herbal $3.50
Organic Hibiscus • Cherry Goddess • Orange Lemongrass
Herbal Wellness • Organic Egyptian Chamomile
Strawberry Macaron

Blooming $5.50
Earl Grey Bloom • Jasmine Lily Tower
Honey Peach Blossom

Mixed Tea Drinks

Matcha Tea $4.50
Made from ceremonial grade organic green matcha.

Matcha Latte $5.50
Ceremonial grade organic green matcha and steamed milk.

London Fog $4.50
Earl grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla.

Chai Latte $4.50
Black tea, sugar, spices, and steamed milk.

Dirty Chai Latte $5.50
Black tea, sugar, spices, steamed milk, and espresso.